Solar Electric Generator

The project of this original Solar electric generator has been development about thirty years ago in Hawaii. It uses heat from the sun to produce electricity.

How works the Solar electric generator

The construction of this system is very simple - four balls, half filled with gas freon are connected with each other by metal pipes (see picture). The system rotates about a horizontal central axis - the shaft of the electric generator. The construction is mounted in the shallow water near the shore, because the shallow water heated by the sun is usually warmer than the deep water. The freon evaporates and goes to the upper balls. This upper balls is cooled by wind, so the freon condenses. Because of this the balance of the system is disturbed, and it starts to rotate. With the difference of temperatures of air and water about two degree the 12-meters wheel makes twelve revolutions per minute. The amount of produced energy is sufficient to power an automatic beacon.