True random numbers generator for lotteries

This program can generate truly random numbers for all lotteries with a formula in range of 0..100, for example the lottery 5 from 36, 6 from 45, 6 from 49, EuroMillions (5 from 50 plus 2 from 11) MEGA Millions (5 from 56 plus 1 from 46), SuperLotto (5 from 47 plus 1 from 27), Superenalotto (6 from 90), Daily 3 (3 from 10), KENO (20 from 80) and lots of other lotteries.

Actually, to generate truly random numbers on a computer it takes a hardware generator, because all software random number generators produce pseudo-random numbers. All pseudo-random numbers can be predicted because they are subject to a law. If we know a law of a pseudo-random generator and we know part of a number sequence then we can find the next number in this sequence. If we make up a long enough number sequence then a pseudo-random generator probably never will produce it, because all pseudo-random generator had limited number of combinations in number sequences. The truly random number generator can produce any number sequence on its output.

What is truly random numbers? This is random sequences which is expected to produce unpredictable relationship between numbers. This sequences are not subject to any law and the distribution of this sequences is uniform (i.e. sequences of random numbers are equidistributed). For example, if we make up a long enough number sequence, then any software pseudo-random generator may never reproduce this sequence, but any good physically random number generator can generate this sequence for sure. A physically random number generator based on chaos, and chaos is infinite.

In short, a truly random number generator can produce any number sequence of any length, but a pseudo-random generator can not do it - this is the main difference between them.

Main window of the program True random number generator for lotteries

How the program generates real random numbers? It uses a counter, the counter counts for example, form 1 to 36 (as it is set by program setting) and over again, and so on. In one second the counter changes its state up to 1000 times. When the button "Generate" is pressed, then the program reads the state of the counter and writes it in the text box of the main window. So the user itself is an entropy source.

There is a feature in the program that allows users to use mouse (it detects every left mouse button press everywhere in the system - in this or in any other program) and not clicking all the time the button "Generate". If the checkbox "Use Mouse" is checked, then the program will generate random numbers with every mouse click - a user can just run the program and forget it. The program will generate truly random numbers automatically, working in the background.

The numbers can be sorted in the ascending order by clicking the button "Sort" and copied into the clipboard by clicking the button "Copy".

Download "True random number generator for lottery"